Eye Know Launches to Help You Make Decisions

Eye Know will help you make better decisions

Having a tough time making decisions? Need help? Then Eye Know is the app for you. The all knowing and all seeing Eye Know will provide you answers and guidance for your life’s toughest questions.

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Mowbol Sponsors Virtual Grand Prix Racecar

We here at Mowbol love all things virtual. One of our favorites is the ever growing online racing virtual world.

In this world there are race teams, sponsors, drivers, fans and more, all evolving just like the real world.

One of our own developers runs a race team called Torrent Motorsports and Mowbol is a sponsor of Torrent. Kind of fun, the video will give you a feel for the reality of this virtual world.

Many of the drivers in the online world are real race car drivers who drive actual cars in real races making these online games very, very lifelike.

Learn more about Online Racing…

Take a look at the video below, the gold car is the one we sponsor, you will see a good shot of it about 30 seconds into the clip.

Mowbol LLC and Digital 1 Audio Announce Joint Venture

Mowbol LLC is pleased to announce a joint venture with Digital 1 Audio to design and deliver the Aria Karaoke application for both the Apple and Android platforms. This innovative partnership gives both parties a stake in the financial success of the mobile application.

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Top Secret MMOG Mobile App Sneak Peek

This Top Secret MMOG Mobile App is Going to Huge

We are sworn to silence but this MMOG app is going to be HUGE when it launches. In fact it may be revolutionary! I’m sorry I can’t say more…

Aria Karaoke for Mobile Devices

The best mobile karaoke app available

Karaoke to Go! Now your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device can become a veritable ARIA Karaoke powerhouse, so you can sing and share with your friends anytime, anywhere.

ARIA Karaoke is sophisticated and is easy to use. With a huge library of classics, standards and pop hits to choose from you can download thousands of songs on-the-fly to keep your party singing at its peak. And ARIA mobile Karaoke is the most responsive music program you will ever see—all with easy-to-read lyrics on-screen, easy to use song library, multiple sorting options and much more. Want to keep the good times rolling?

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Download now and sing your song; entertain your friends and family or just yourself. Now you’re the star!

Food Chime for Android


When we are changing our eating habits to conform to a several small meals a day pattern, it is sometime difficult to know when to eat.

Food Chime is a timer application that can remind a smart phone user to eat at specific intervals.

This application provides a simple reminder with a snooze option and a when-to-eat-next calculator built in.

Everything a you need to start your new life!

Food Chime future features under development include:

  • Reporting the data to a website for you (and nutritionist or coach) to review.
  • A rewards tracker to let you know just how awesome you are doing!
  • A food photo journal feature that will allow you to snap a picture of your meal rather then trying to write it all down in paper journal.

As always mowbol wants to hear from you! Send your comments to info@mowbol.com

Corona Development Platform Demo

Chris shows a great demo of our MOWBOL development process output. Develop once, deploy many. Awesome stuff.

Marysville SpiritBox for Android and Apple Mobile Devices


Want to show your school pride? Download the SpiritBox app and bask in the many uses! Use it to while away the time in study hall. Use it to light the way in a dark room. Use it to practice flicking things at other things. It’s educational too (but not so educational that you’ll learn something), see how gravity works in real life!

The Marysville SpritBox is loaded with Marysville Ohio specific charms and trinkets and the app gets updated for upcoming important events!

Since it’s free, you would have to be stupid not to get it and keep it. So when someone asks, hey did you see the SpiritBox thing you can whip out your phone and show them that not only are you better than them for having a cool phone, you also have Monarch Pride.

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Easter Basket Mobile APP Now Available for iPhone and Android

For Website Feature Image

The Easter bunny has come to your iPhone!

I remember when I was a kid and loved looking for my Easter Basket. Now you can have your very own Easter Basket on your phone when ever you want. If it makes you feel better, you can even give your phone to a friend to hide, just to get those exciting Easter morning feelings of looking for something that you really want.

With this app, instead of getting chocolate on your fingers (or screen) you can get fairydust sprinkled from all the items in your basket.

We can’t tell you how much time has been lost to playing with this thing. Go ahead, try it!

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