Marysville SpiritBox for Android and Apple Mobile Devices


Want to show your school pride? Download the SpiritBox app and bask in the many uses! Use it to while away the time in study hall. Use it to light the way in a dark room. Use it to practice flicking things at other things. It’s educational too (but not so educational that you’ll learn something), see how gravity works in real life!

The Marysville SpritBox is loaded with Marysville Ohio specific charms and trinkets and the app gets updated for upcoming important events!

Since it’s free, you would have to be stupid not to get it and keep it. So when someone asks, hey did you see the SpiritBox thing you can whip out your phone and show them that not only are you better than them for having a cool phone, you also have Monarch Pride.

Get it for your iPhone, iTouch or iPad

Get it for Android devices

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